A degree in psychology allows graduates to apply their knowledge and skills in various work environments. The broad range of possible psychology careers makes earning a degree even more attractive. Professionals can choose to work in a specific field or demographic, including children, hospital patients, or company employees.

Psychology is one of the most popular college majors, partly because it opens up so many career options for graduates. Hiring managers across many industries seek psychology graduates as their expertise in human behavior applies to many different job positions.

Marian University recognizes the growing demand for psychology programs, offering an on-campus Bachelor of Science in Psychology and an online BS in Psychology. Both programs prepare students for success in this fascinating field.

Demand for Psychology Graduates

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), almost 179,000 people currently work as psychologists in the United States. Job growth is expected to grow 8 percent over the next decade as demand remains strong for psychologists.

Most psychologists are self-employed, working as consultants or counseling patients. Salaried psychologists often work for elementary and secondary schools, ambulatory healthcare services, government agencies, and hospitals.

Psychology graduates offer employers and clients a unique set of skills. Beyond their expertise in assessing human behavior, they also excel in research, critically assessing psychological literature, and understanding how individual and cultural differences impact society.

Psychology Career Options for College Graduates

There are many entry-level jobs for those with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Some of the most popular options include the following.

In-home autism therapists. This psychology career involves working with autistic clients in their homes. Psychologists help people with autism to develop the skills and behaviors that allow them to more easily navigate the outside world in their daily lives.

Human resources specialists. With their understanding of individual and group behavior, psychologists make excellent human resource employees, helping to create and maintain an environment that leads to a productive and motivated workforce. Some may specialize in certain areas of human resources, including employee recruitment or establishing effective training and development programs.

Patient advocates. A patient advocate works with healthcare patients, typically in hospitals. They assess the patient’s needs and work with clinicians to ensure those needs are met. They may work with those experiencing anxiety about their medical treatment, helping them develop their coping skills.

Child welfare specialist. This psychology career typically involves working with a local or state agency that focuses on the well-being of children, especially those living in disadvantaged communities. Psychologists assess a child’s mental state, learn about their needs and stay in regular contact with the child to ensure they do not experience neglect or abuse.

Marketing. With their insight into human behavior, psychologists provide marketing departments an advantage. They can help marketers design effective strategies by identifying the needs of consumers in different locations and demographics.

Marian University’s Career Development Services

In addition to the psychology degree programs, Marian University also offers career development services for psychology majors and all students. These services help students find jobs in their fields after graduation.

Marian’s Center for Academic Support & Excellence (CASE) assists students with making career choices. The CASE office allows students the opportunity to gain self-knowledge and the career choices that best fit their talents and interests. Students also benefit from career assessments, mock interviews, employer networking events, developmental workshops, and internships.

By earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology, graduates position themselves for a diversity of psychology careers with many options on how they choose to apply their talents. With online and on-campus degree programs available, there’s never been a better time to launch a psychology career.