Why I chose Nursing

I’ve always had an interest in caring for others – one of my favorite toys as a kid was my Fisher-Price Medical Kit! Every job I’ve ever had has been in some sort of a helping profession. I’ve been working as a Certified Nursing Assistant since my senior year of high school – through this experience I knew I wanted to go into nursing.

Why I chose Marian

I was looking at smaller private schools with good nursing programs, and Marian was by far the most welcoming. I appreciated the several thousand dollars worth of scholarships I was being offered for academic achievement, applying early, and attending the Summer Pre-Nursing Camp, which allowed me to meet with some of the program’s amazing faculty, learn some basic skills, and do some job shadowing before even applying to Marian.

Why I love the program and faculty

The small class sizes really give you an opportunity to get to know the faculty and not only meet with them one-on-one, but feel comfortable while doing it. They’re always there for test prep, reviewing exams and anything else, really. And it’s nice having the same classmates every semester. Once you start the program, you get to know people in your cohort pretty well.

Why I’m ready for the NCLEX-RN

The program’s challenging exams include questions presented in NCLEX-RN-style. They’re difficult, but our professors knew how to help us practice and prepare. They taught us strategies for how to succeed and it’s comforting to know that the program’s first-time pass rate has consistently been above 95%.

Why I’m ready for my career

Through the variety of clinical experiences I’ve had, simulation and skills labs, and lectures/exams, the program has prepared me pretty well. Last summer I had a nursing internship at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, Minn. and this semester I have clinical in the pediatric intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Wauwatosa. I’ve learned a variety of important skills and Marian has prepared me with the knowledge and attitude I need to start my career – hopefully as a pediatric nurse – on the right foot.

Why things would’ve been different somewhere else

A small cozy campus is exactly what I wanted and needed for my nursing education. At times I think going to a bigger school for a day would be fun, but I know long-term I would get lost at one and I wouldn’t feel as comfortable participating in class like I am at Marian.

Natalie MullendoreNatalie Mullendore