Marian University to offer creative thinking workshop

March 27, 2018

Marian University will host a workshop titled The Psychology and Mindset of Creative Thinking, Tuesday, April 24 from 1-4:30pm at Marian’s Appleton Center located at 720 Association Drive, Appleton, Wisconsin. Tickets are $149 and must be purchased in advance.

This workshop will introduce creativity in a holistic, attitudinal, and personal approach.  One doesn’t just become a creative thinker. The process is deliberate and extended.  The journey begins with a change in attitude and the way we process stimuli and information. In order to be creative, one must genuinely believe they are capable of being creative and start making changes in how they think of and experience the world.

The workshop will be presented by Mick Carroll. He earned his Ph.D. In Educational Psychology from Loyola University, and his degree specialized in how humans think, learn, and process information.  Carroll developed a dual expertise in both creative thinking and critical thinking.

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