RN-BSN – A Passport to Do More

Rose Adelbush ’19, was raised in the small town of Shawano. As a young girl envisioning her future, Rose always came back to the same dream of becoming a nurse. And it isn’t surprising given Rose grew up surrounded by strong, female caretakers. She watched as her Aunt, a nurse, and Mom devoted their lives to helping those in need. It was their love in action that created the template for her life vision. But as a young woman facing into the future of possibilities, it was her dad that inspired Rose’s decision to pursue nursing. Identifying the broad range of options in the medical field, Rose’s dad knew she possessed the attributes to be successful and felt the versatility of this path would keep her engaged and enthusiastic about her work.

The Start of her Nursing Career

Providing acute care at the young age of 17, Rose began her career in a nursing home as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She enjoyed working in a long-term care setting and found passion for offering exemplary patient care. After high school, she went on to school to get her associate’s degree in nursing (ADN). Rose recognized the opportunities to grow with this profession and she applied for her first nursing job at ThedaCare. At the interview for this job, Rose learned that she would eventually need a bachelor of nursing degree (BSN). While at ThedaCare, she worked in the Medical/Surgical Unit, Medical Intensive Care Unit and eventually chose “labor and delivery” as a specialty.

She decided to return to school eager to earn her degree quickly. Enrolling in a nursing program at a large university, Rose was optimistic about her new journey and aspired to achieve her goals. In sharp contrast, her first semester ended up also being her last semester. She felt overwhelmed by the large class setting, and decided not to return. However, Rose was determined to expand the career opportunities available and would continue her pursuit to find the right school.

Rose’s research led her to Marian University where she discovered the 100% online RN to BSN program. Rose had heard of Marian University and knew its reputable nursing program was top-ranked. But what she learned was that her employer, ThedaCare, had a partnership agreement with Marian. With her ambitions to travel, Rose needed flexibility. She wanted the convenience of an online program without any sacrifice to the quality of education. Confident she had discovered the best school and nursing program to fit her busy schedule, Rose took the leap and enrolled.

Small Town Girl Travels the World

She may have grown up in a small town, but Rose yearned to explore the world. And what better adventure than to begin a career as a travel nurse. Not long after enrolling in Marian’s RN to BSN program, Rose secured her first contract to travel as a labor and delivery nurse. For the past four years, she’s traveled as far east as Connecticut and as far west as Alaska. She’s even had contracts in her home state. Most contracts last about three months – the equivalent time it takes to train a new labor and delivery nurse. Tasked with bridging the gap, Rose ensures high quality patient care in the midst of circumstances such as staffing shortages.

With a different zip code every few months as a full-time travel nurse, Rose continued her pursuit to a bachelor’s degree. From the admission process to completing her clinicals while working in Alaska, Rose felt supported through every step toward her degree. Though she never walked into a classroom on the quaint Fond du Lac campus while pursuing her BSN, she felt the positive energy of being part of the Marian community.

Education Paves the Road to Success

Rose went to school part-time and appreciated that the slower pace allowed her to work, travel, and explore while still on the journey to a degree. Impressed by the quality and flexibility of her education, Rose benefited from the learning environment and leadership of her professors. Astounded by the opportunities she can pursue with her BSN, Rose finds the door has opened to “endless” opportunities – even from a national level – and she feels prepared for her future.

She continued traveling even through the COVID pandemic. In addition to taking on leadership roles at different facilities, Rose was also able to teach online. These “virtual” clinicals were a learning opportunity for Rose, too. She enjoys the different perspective she learns from the students and believes drawing from a plethora of experiences helps her connect with students. She discovered a fondness for teaching and training other nurses. And this led her back to Marian! Now in the graduate nursing program, Rose continues to expand her horizons and grow in her knowledge and understanding of the field she loves. Selecting the 100% online Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing Administration track, she continues her work as a travel nurse without having to settle in one place to achieve her education goals.

From Life’s First to Last Breath

Adventuring through the world, Rose has expanded her knowledge, grown in her understanding of cultural diversity, and has been personally impacted through her experiences. She’s intrigued by the constant change in each day and every new location. From saving an abandoned baby’s life to holding the hand of a geriatric patient as they take their last breath, Rose describes her nursing career as having the deepest of lows, and highest of highs.

Marian University’s online RN to BSN completion program is perfect for those with an active RN license and either an ADN or nursing diploma. The program builds on your current ADN or diploma knowledge and expertise and provides continued personal and professional growth with an emphasis on evidence-based practice, healthcare systems leadership, policy, and management skills that will prepare you to meet the changing needs of healthcare communities and organizations. Visit our website to learn more.