Marian University Student Success Story – Doug Edelstein

May 12, 2021

Deputy District Attorney Doug Edelstein continues utilizing lessons learned at Marian

When you ask Doug Edelstein about his fondest memories of attending Marian University, he immediately thinks about all the fun he had.

“I recall joking with the professors and always having a good time,” he said.

But make no mistake, his education was no laughing matter – and he credits it with playing a huge role in getting him to where he is today as the Deputy District Attorney for the Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s Office.

“I certainly had other options, and even considered transferring to prepare for law school, but ultimately I enjoyed the quality education and the professors so much that I couldn’t have pictured myself anywhere else,” said the Oshkosh native. “Throughout my time at Marian, it always felt like my professors genuinely cared about me as a student, as a person, and that they were invested in my dream of becoming a lawyer.”

Wanting to stay close to home, Doug chose Marian after feeling its sense of connection and the small campus atmosphere. His high school in Oshkosh was notably larger than Marian, and had larger class sizes, so he was looking forward to that change. Not to mention, the ease at which he was being allowed to transfer the college credits he had earned in high school, which allowed him to graduate in three years, and the low cost of attendance.

It was in his freshman year then that he developed his desire to become a lawyer, despite Marian not offering a pre-law program, and his professors feverishly encouraged the possibility of the Economics and Finance major taking on that path.

“I knew law school would require me to be able to write extensively, but the coursework for my major wasn’t exactly geared toward that, so I found it especially helpful that Marian afforded me the opportunity to take electives that did, with class sizes that allowed the professors to give me extra attention and hone my abilities specifically for a career in law,” he said.

These personalized lessons are ones he carried with him through law school at Hamline University, and are ones he continues to utilize today.

“My professors at Marian stressed the importance of getting to the point, and being clear, concise, and succinct, and these points echo in everything I do as an attorney,” he said. “If I needed help, I was never turned away. Having access to their immense amount of life experience and knowledge has undoubtedly opened doors for me.”

And it’s the same philosophy he’s brought to Marian’s classrooms as an adjunct faculty for Business Law.

“I genuinely enjoy teaching, interacting with the students, and it’s a great way of being forced to condense information into manageable chunks of knowledge – I use the same methods when presenting classes as I do for jury trials,” he said.