Marian University Student Success Story – Danielle Veeser

February 24, 2021

Ready for med school, Danielle Veeser reflects on time at Marian

Marian University senior Biology student Danielle Veeser wasn’t feeling well in the hours after getting her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Working as a patient care aide at Holy Family Memorial Hospital, she thought maybe she just needed some rest. But before even having the chance to go home sick, an unexpected remedy helped take her mind off of how she was feeling – an email confirming her acceptance into the University of Wisconsin-School of Medicine and Public Health.

“I was so visibly shocked and excited that all of the nurses around me could just tell something was up and began asking me what was going on,” said the Greenville, Wis. native and Hortonville High School graduate. “There was so much relief and excitement happening in that moment. It’s something I’ll never forget.”

Veeser joins a growing list of Sabres who’ve used the Pre-Professional Programs to gain acceptance into medical school. While Marian University is synonymous with health care Bachelor’s degrees, the success of its Nursing program can make prospective students unaware that they’re able to start their journey toward becoming a doctor here too.

“I’m surprised how few students utilize the Pre-Professional program,” said Danielle, who also serves as Marian University’s Outdoor Adventure Club Executive Chair and Campus Ministry president. “I looked at other schools in Wisconsin – public and private – but ultimately Marian’s scholarship offerings made it the most affordable option for me.”

It also didn’t hurt that she loved the community atmosphere of Marian University when she visited, and she appreciated how invested in her future the Admission Office staff became, even before she committed to being a Sabre. For as long as she knew she wanted to help patients, she also knew she wanted to go to a smaller school close to home, and Marian had everything she wanted.

“When I toured, everyone knew my guide, and I saw just how friendly the professors are,” she said. “Seeing how many people recognized my guide, and said hi to me, really made me feel like I was already a part of the campus community.”

Now officially a member of that community, Danielle can typically be found in the front row of her classes, which also include ones pertaining to her Chemistry and Theology minors. She appreciates her small class sizes, and is still blown away that her professors know her well enough to recognize when she is puzzled.

“If I were at a bigger school, I’m not sure the professors would pause class just to make sure I fully understand something before moving on. They’ve really contributed and influenced my success,” she said. “You can sit outside their office and ask questions every day, they show concern for how things are going beyond academics, and they are willing to just sit on a Friday night and talk – they don’t just help us as students, but as people.”

And that’s exactly what Danielle wants to do, too – help people. She aspires to be a family medicine provider delivering primary care, working in a rural small town of Wisconsin where she can get to know not just her patients, but their families, and prevent them from getting sick rather than treating them when they are.

She’s excited for her next chapter – which could be the UW School of Medicine in Madison, or she’s been waitlisted by the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She looks forward to interacting with more patients, taking the science she’s learned here and applying it to actual human bodies.

Regardless of where she ends up, though, she knows she will be prepared.

“Marian gave me a strong based in academics, but it also gave me the self-confidence to know I could be successful in different areas too, like being a leader or handling stressful situations,” she said. “Marian showed me I am capable of doing a lot more than I thought I was before I came here.”