Marian University Student Success Story – Anthony Orubor

April 23, 2021

Small school education helps big city Anthony Orubor earn position in Charlotte

Calgary – a city of nearly 1.5 million people.

Fond du Lac – a city of nearly 44,000 people.

Charlotte – a city of nearly 750,000 people.

Sure, one of these things is not like the other. But that doesn’t mean it just doesn’t belong.

At least, that’s not how Calgary native and Marian University senior Anthony Orubor looks at it, as he prepares to work at Townsquare Interactive’s Charlotte branch starting in June.

“I came here sight unseen from one of the biggest cities in North America, and I’m leaving with a job lined up in one of America’s most up-and-coming cities – that speaks a lot about the opportunities available at Marian,” Anthony said. “Finding a spot that allows you to thrive is crucial, and I found that at Marian.”

Anthony became a Sabre strictly because it allowed him to continue playing hockey, noting how crucial Senior Assistant Registrar Deb Barrett was in making it easier for the Canadian to legally find himself in Fond du Lac. Recruited even after suffering a severe knee injury during his last year of playing Junior A hockey, he had no idea what Marian University offered beyond the excellence of its Division III program.

“You get here, though, and you realize that with the small class sizes and easy access to professors, you’re going to be prepared potentially better than if you were at a larger school, and I always just felt like everyone was invested in my success,” Anthony said. “My upper-level courses – specifically Sales Management – I knew would directly relate to what it is I want to do with my future, and I have no doubt that I have the confidence that I will be able to perform in my future role.”

From an early age he knew he wanted to do something business related, always looking at things with a big-picture view rather than the immediate future. He had an early appreciation for economics, loved the idea of being an entrepreneur, and as he got older discovered a passion for being a leader.

So how did Anthony get hired by a team that has recently been praised as one of Charlotte’s Best Places to Work, Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, and Top Workplace three years running?

First, there was the desire to be close to his girlfriend of three years, Katherine Dombrowski – a ninth grade teacher in Lomira who will be teaching in Charlotte come September.

Then, he met with Director of Career Services Mary Hatlen, who personally helped him create the resume and cover letter needed to apply for positions in North Carolina.

“Ultimately my decision came down to four places, it was quite the selection of options to choose from,” Anthony said. “But Marian taught me the importance of putting yourself in the best environment to thrive in, and I ultimately thought the culture at Townsquare Interactive would allow me to thrive the most.”

Following three interviews and a discussion with its Vice President, Anthony will start off in sales for one year before moving on to a management position with the social media and marketing company, which looks to help small-to-medium-sized business improve their Google reach, build their websites and improve their social media presence.

“I’m always dreaming, I’ve always been determined, and I want to be as successful as possible,” he said. “I just envision myself climbing the ladder and finding a good spot for me, and I know I have the skills, work ethic, and what I learned at Marian to help me succeed.”