Marian University professor, Kubasta, publishes 2 books

November 1, 2017

Marian University associate professor of English and co-chair of the Honors Program, Christina Kubasta, will have two books published in December.

The poetry collection, Of Covenants, and a novella, a winning Driftless selection, Girling will both publish in December, 2017. Of Covenants, published by Whitepoint Press, considers the ways we name and structure experience, creating contracts through our legal, religious, and linguistic systems. Brain Mill Press describes Girling as an engaging fiction debut that exposes the heart and blood of small town BFFs as an unexpectedly sophisticated, fast-paced girlhood rife with fragile innocence, visceral experiences, and self-awareness.

Kubasta has also authored several other collections: poetry chapbooks A Lovely Box and &s, and the book All Beautiful & Useless.