Marian University launches The Muriel Press

May 7, 2018

Marian University will launch The Muriel Press in the fall of 2018.

The Muriel Press is an embedded micro-press at Marian University, where students gain hands-on skills in editing, book design, marketing, and public relations through an internship-in-the-classroom. Through a multi-course sequence delivered through the English, Art, and Communication programs, students take books from submission to finished project, working with the author to design a social media launch and the book’s release.

“I was inspired to create The Muriel Press through conversations with my colleagues about how to provide more opportunities for our students – we wanted to engage our writing students, literature students, and students interested in editing and publishing, in hands-on experiences in the classroom,” said Associate Professor of English Christina Kubasta. “I work with a press out of Green Bay, and occasionally do some freelance writing, and have often thought that it would be exciting to offer our students an introduction into this aspect of the writing world.”

In its naming, the press honors Sr. Muriel Tarr, C.S.A., who taught art, music, and English, and was a poet and translator. In keeping with the mission of Marian University, the Muriel Press will publish works of contemporary literature from Upper Midwestern authors with a social justice focus.

For aspiring creative writers, they will gain valuable knowledge about this process. For aspiring professional writers, they will gain first-hand experience working with a client, technology, and understanding the many moving parts of small-press publishing today.

Submissions accepted until June 15, 2018.  Please send manuscript (either doc., docx. or PDF) as an attachment to Include no identifying information on the manuscript, or on the title page. In an email, please include: name, a short biography, contact information, acknowledgements (if any), and a brief cover letter. If you are unable to submit electronically, please send your manuscript to: Christina Kubasta, The Muriel Press, Marian University, 45 S. National Ave., Fond du Lac, WI  54935.

The selected manuscript will be developed in collaboration with the author and The Muriel Press. The author will receive 50 copies of the book as honorarium

To learn more about The Muriel Press, please visit