Marian Criminal Justice Club Holds Jail & Bail Fundraiser

August 25, 2012

April 27, 2012


Members of Marian University’s Criminal Justice Club “arrested” faculty, staff—and even a few students—in its Jail & Bail Fundraiser for the Galow Group Home for Boys on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.

“As a club, we wanted to help a local organization that maybe doesn’t receive a lot of funding or assistance,” said Criminal Justice Club President Hans Wagner. “That’s when the club decided to help the Galow Group Home for Boys in Fond du Lac.”

Signs were posted around campus leading up to the date of the event and faculty and staff received letters several weeks ahead of time asking if club members could “arrest” them while they were teaching or in their offices.Student bailiffs then went to the designated classroom or office and handcuffed the individuals, took them into custody, had their mug shot taken and brought them before a judge. Arrestees were then placed in a mock jail cell where they could use cell phones to raise the bail set by the judge.

In addition to the predetermined arrests, arrest warrants could be purchased for $5 on the day of the event and bailiffs were dispatched to attempt to arrest the individual listed on the arrest warrant. The club also sold mug shots to anyone who wanted a picture of themself in recognizable orange jail attire, complete with a caption for being the “Most Wanted.”

“The students had a great time with the event and were able to get much of the campus excited and curious about what was taking place,” said Lisa McArthur, club advisor and program coordinator of the school of criminal justice. “There were a few surprise arrests, and everyone was really a good sport about it.”

The event was deemed a success for the club’s first effort, and all of the proceeds were used to purchase items such as bedding, pillows, towels, duffel bags, sporting goods, movies and gift certificates to Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s and Domino’s Pizza. The Criminal Justice Club hopes to make this an annual event and have already started planning for next year.