Insight Magazine Calls Attention to the Convenience and Flexibility of Marian’s Online Master’s Degree Programs

August 6, 2019

MPath Online Degrees are Structured for the Busy, Working Professional

Marian University was highlighted in Insight Magazine’s July 29, 2019 article entitled Higher Ed Institutions Craft Programming to Respond to Employer Needs.  Marian’s MPath online degrees were spotlighted as examples of a university meeting Wisconsin’s need for convenient and flexible online education.

The publication discussed how Marian’s five online master’s degrees – MS in Management, MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology, MS in Professional Practice in Public Safety, MAE Special Education Focus, and MAE Teacher Education Focus  –  are perfect for the adult learner.  In the 4-Week Accelerated MPath program structure, classes start 12 times each year. Because classes run for just four weeks, they allow students to focus on one competency or objective versus learning many over a traditional semester.

“We need to provide flexible options to allow people to reach their academic potential,” said Assistant Dean of Adult and Online Studies, Tracey Marx, in the piece.  Earning a degree is achievable for the working adult needing to balance work and family responsibilities.

The article also called attention to another MPath program benefit that allows people to pursue a graduate degree on their timeline. If students take two classes every four weeks, they can finish a graduate program in as few as 15-16 months. Alternatively, they can stretch out the program to meet their needs, taking a month off from taking a class when needed.  Most classes do not have a prerequisite so a student can take classes in the order that works best for them.

Each month Insight Magazine calls attention to resources and industry trends individuals may use to benefit their personal or company profiles.  Insight’s print and online publications have readership from businesses and companies in Northeast Wisconsin, including Fond du Lac.  The complete article is available here.