Marian University graduate Nicki Seager passes exams on first try

After more than 20 years of nursing experience, 1997 Marian University graduate Nicki Seager wanted to do more, and she knew her alma mater’s FNP program would keep her options open – not to mention, her schedule.

“I wanted my MSN degree with FNP because I didn’t want any restrictions as to where I could work, and I wanted the ability to provide primary care as well as preventive care,” said Seager. “My experience in Marian’s undergraduate program was excellent and I felt well-prepared and confident when I started as a resident nurse, so it was a no-brainer to return.”

But while Saeger wanted the degree to increase her prospective job opportunities, she didn’t want its pursuit to interrupt the job she already had.

“I was able to work full time up until my last year of classes, which included two days of clinicals,” Seager said. “I found it easy to fit the program into my lifestyle because it was mainly online, and I worked my school work around my family and work time.”

This was made all the more easier by the accessibility of Marian’s faculty. Professors readily returned Seager’s emails and were willing and eager to stay after classes to discuss various concepts and subjects.

“The professors are genuinely interested in your experience and make it a point to ask each student if they have any issues or questions they want to discuss,” Seager said. “The nature of the program was to turn us into leaders, not just graduates, and to frame being a nurse practitioner as a noble profession and not just another job.”

And just like she was for her NCLEX-RN as an undergraduate student, Seager felt prepared to be tested.

“Going into the program I knew Marian students have a high first time pass rate on the certification exam, and Marian’s FNP program set me up to pass the board exam, confidently, within two weeks of graduation,” Seager said. “When I sat down to take it, it felt similar to every exam I had taken in the program.”

Much like she did with her NCLEX-RN in 1997, Seager passed both of her national board exams – the AANP and ANCC – each on the first take, and within four weeks of graduation.

Alumni Nicki SeagerAlumni Nicki Seager