Some people know from a young age they want to become a teacher. Others don’t reach that decision until later in life after they’ve launched another career. Fortunately, demand for qualified teachers remains high in Wisconsin, which means it’s never too late to make the career switch into the classroom.

Marian University offers a clear pathway to become a teacher in Wisconsin, even if you started in another field. Professionals who enter the 100 percent online MAE in Teacher Education program have taken the first step in bridging the gap between their current career and working as an educator.

For current teachers, the MAE degree program provides the opportunity to add an elementary/middle school licensure and move into a different teaching career path.

A Flexible Online Program for Teachers

The MAE in Teacher Education from Marian University is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) as a Post Baccalaureate Pathway to becoming a teacher in Wisconsin.

Marian University offers the MAE in Teacher Education through its online education platform, MPath. The MPath system gives professionals the ability to earn a degree at their own pace while maintaining a full-time job. It’s changed the way adult learners advance their careers by learning new skills and gaining new knowledge.

The system allows students to track their progress, view lectures, meet with instructors, communicate with fellow students, and put theory into action through field experiences. Students move through the program at their own pace, fitting classwork around commitments to work and family. As classes last only 4 weeks, students typically take one to three credits at a time.

Earning the Provisional Educator License

Graduates of the MAE in Teacher Education program qualify to earn a Provisional Educator’s License as a middle childhood/early adolescence teacher in Wisconsin. This license, which the state requires teachers to renew every three years, designates teachers as prepared to lead classes in the subject/grade level of the license.

After successfully teaching six semesters in their licensure area, teachers can apply for a Lifetime Educator License.

To support students, a Marian University Certification Officer works with every student as they get closer to graduation, verifying that they have met all licensure requirements to get endorsed by Marian University. The school then recommends the students to the DPI for the Provisional Educator License.

Wisconsin Requirements For Teaching Licensure

To become a teacher in Wisconsin and earn the Provisional Educator License, the state DPI requires that students:

  • Demonstrate content knowledge proficiency (in this case, for teaching elementary/middle school)
  • Hold a 3.0 GPA or higher in the content area to be licensed or;
  • A passing score on the Praxis II test related to the declared major

Applicants for initial licensure for the Provisional Educator License as an elementary teacher must also earn a passing score (240) on the Foundations of Reading Test (FoRT). Marian University prepares students for the test with multiple literacy courses and study materials.

Students must also successfully complete the education Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) during clinical experience (which is the student teaching semester). The edTPA for elementary/middle teachers typically focuses on literacy or math instruction.  An edTPA passing score is 38 or higher.

Students also must successfully complete all Marian coursework, demonstrating competency in the Wisconsin Educator Standards.