Experiential Learning Grant Awarded to Business Club

April 9, 2019

The Marian University Business Club received an Experiential Learning Grant to tour two Chicago-area businesses and one in Kenosha.  On March 29, Marian students led by faculty members Jessica Little, James Gray, Cheryl Seelig, and Katherine Schuessler toured Harris Associates and Two x Four.  During their trip to Harris Associates, students met with Client Portfolio Manager, Daniel  Nicholas and Head of Campus Recruitment, Ana Mizrahi where they learned about conducting intensive and fundamental research within investing.  At Two X Four students learned about content creation via video advertisement, mobile applications, campaigns, and brand strategy.

Adam VonOhlen, Senior Creative Director and Account Manager Chandler Hareck, discussed how Two X Four maximizes society’s reliance on social media to stay current in today’s world.  Finally, the group toured Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha where students enjoyed seeing marketing pitches specific to Mars’ demographic of tourists and those wanting to be branded by everything ‘Wisconsin’.

Experiential Learning Grants are available to help offset costs for activities including internships, service learning, undergraduate research, study abroad and much more.  Please visit https://my.marianuniversity.edu/Academics/Pages/ExperientialLearningGrants.aspx for more information.