Sometimes the college application and admissions process can seem complicated and challenging. Once the process starts, students face a list of tasks, from applying for financial aid to securing on-campus housing, that can quickly become overwhelming. 

At Marian University, the focus is on eliminating barriers and obstacles for new students. The university wants every potential student to have the best chance of joining the Marian University community and earning a life-changing college degree. 

“One of the most important services we provide is giving new students the tools and support they need for the college admission process,” said Megan Liptow, Executive Director of Undergraduate Enrollment at Marian University in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. 

“We’ve designed our application process to make it as convenient as possible for aspiring students. We provide students support and have streamlined and simplified the process so that students don’t spend more time figuring out how to apply than working toward their goals.” 

A Supportive College Admission Process  

Choosing the right university requires focused effort, time, and as much information as a student can acquire. Once aspiring students have done the work to select a school, the often-challenging application process begins. That’s one reason why Marian University emphasizes a supportive college admission process. 

At Marian, a supportive process means students don’t have to fend for themselves. The university provides applicants and their families information and assistance on some of the most significant issues. These include obtaining official transcripts, securing financial aid, providing SAT/ACT scores (optional), and applying for campus housing. 

Marian also provides prospective students the opportunity to apply online for free.Every applicant receives specialized, hands-on support from Marian University enrollment counselors. This support continues through the enrollment process and after students begin classes, providing guidance throughout their time at Marian and keeping them on track to earn their degree.  

The university connects students with a wide range of events and activities to grow their professional network and provide real-world experiences in their chosen fields. 

Marian University Admissions Requirements

For freshman students, Marian University keeps the admissions process streamlined and straightforward. The university does not require an application fee or an essay. Students may submit ACT or SAT scores, but they are optional. 

Students need to: 

  • Complete the free online application 
  • Submit an official high school transcript 
  • Have a high school GPA of 2.00 or a total GED score of 660 

Admission as a Marian University freshman also assumes the students earned 17 units of high school credit, including a minimum of four units of English, two units of math, and one unit of laboratory science. One unit of history/foreign language is recommended but not required. 

Admissions for Transfer Students

Many students attend Marian University after earning college credits at other academic institutions. Marian University provides these adult students the same level of support as those coming straight out of high school.  

The same admissions requirements are in place for transfer students, although an official high school transcript is not required if they have earned at least 30 college credits. Instead, they must submit official college transcripts for consideration.  

Marian University allows students to transfer up to 90 credits toward a 120-credit bachelor’s degree program, letting them shorten the time needed to complete their degree. 

The university considers credits earned from regionally or nationally accredited academic institutions for higher learning if the students achieve a grade of C or higher. Students can also submit credits from courses and training accredited by the American Council on Education (ACE) and offered by businesses, government agencies, the military, and other non-collegiate agencies. 

Students must have earned the transfer credits within the last ten years before the application date. More details on the transfer credit policy can be found on the transfer student page. 

“If you’re a qualified student, transferring to another school should not be a difficult task,” said Jody Hartzell, Director of Transfer Enrollment, who works one-on-one with transfer students. “Our focus at Marian University is to help every student realize their academic goals and career ambitions. That starts by making the application process and transfer process as supportive as possible.”