Born and raised in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Mason Gravelle always felt a deep connection to his hometown. That bond has served him well. Now a marketing consultant for Agnesian HealthCare, a member of SSM Health, Mason is happy to serve the community in which he grew up.

When Mason first enrolled in college, he tried going to the big city, attending a semester at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. “I quickly learned that a large learning environment wasn’t suitable for me,” he says. He came home to Fond du Lac and Marian University. It was the right move.

After enrolling in a few electives and exploring potential career paths, he settled on a BBA in Business Administration with a Minor in Health Care Administration. “Marian was the perfect solution,” says Mason. He earned his BBA HCA in 2019.

The Perks of a Small University

Mason attests to the many benefits of attending college in a smaller town. A sense of community and connection are foremost among them. The many opportunities to build lasting relationships, both personal and professional, is “just one of the perks,” he says.

“I recommend Marian University to anyone looking to stay local or attend a smaller university with many academic programs and community connections,” Mason says. “After all, Marian got me to where I am today.”

As we’ll soon see, you don’t have to go to a large university to make a big impact.

Partnerships Through Connection

While an undergraduate, Mason enrolled in the Career Preparation course. One of the requirements of the course is joining the Young Professionals of Fond du Lac. The organization promotes networking with up-and-coming professionals in the area, encouraging them to be “agents of change” in the community. The experience proved consequential for Mason.

“I was fortunate to meet other young professionals within the healthcare industry,” he says. Furthermore, Marian’s partnership with Agnesian HealthCare allowed Mason professional development opportunities, shadowing Agnesian HealthCare executives throughout their day. “This truly made a difference when it came to searching for my first job with Agnesian,” he says. “Connections are key and are often established through partnerships.”

Preparing for a Healthcare Administration Career

A career in the healthcare industry is rewarding and critical work – and potentially stressful. In fact, Mason entered the profession on the cusp of one of its most stressful periods. He explains how his coursework at Marian University taught him to prepare for the job’s inherent stress and embrace the uncertainty each day brings. Marian instilled in him a keen appreciation of what is accomplished in a single day working in healthcare.

“Tasks are often complex and multifaceted,” he says. “My education gave me a strong foundation, built from Marian’s core values and the healthcare administration academia, that enabled me to confidently step into my current role. I felt empowered to take on higher-level duties and responsibilities,” Mason says.

“I fostered many great connections and relationships with local partners, organizations, and businesses within the communities Agnesian HealthCare serves.”

The Core Value of Service

Marian University’s stated vision is to “provide an education distinguished in its ability to prepare transformative leaders for service to the world.” It is a vision and purpose that attracts students like Mason. “My education gave me a strong foundation, built from Marian’s core values,” he says. “One of the core values that I embraced while in school was service.”

“In the healthcare industry, service is a key part of what we do daily. This became abundantly apparent to me, from a non-clinical lens, as I began working with the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation to support and assist the underserved and vulnerable.”

The knowledge, confidence, and connections Mason acquired throughout his undergraduate studies led him to excel in his chosen career.  But he’s only just begun. His sense of mission and service compels him to keep pushing forward. Mason is currently enrolled in Marian’s online Master of Science in Management graduate program.

Partners in Building a Better Community

Mason is grateful for his college experience and proud to be an active, contributing member of his community. “Community partnerships and collaboration are key to a thriving society,” he says.

Marian University’s partnership with Agnesian HealthCare “creates better opportunities and ways to work together to benefit our community and employees alike,” says Mason. “When businesses and organizations partner, there are positive economic, emotional, social, and educational benefits that are beyond measure.”

Mason Gravelle exemplifies the potential of vision, drive, and purpose. Dedicated to community service and professional excellence, the knowledge, support, and connections he has gained through Marian University allow him to continue reaching his potential.