Are you an official “Sabre?”

As we begin our countdown to the spring 2017 commencement ceremony (which is only a month and a half away), there are a few things that every Marian Sabre should know!

Let’s see if you make the grade! Here’s a refresher course in the fundamentals of being a Sabre – including a few written by our alumni Sabres!!

You might be a Sabre if…

  1. You can recite Marian’s five core values.

Marian was founded by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, and lives by its Mission and Core Values. Marian’s Core Values are Learning, Community, Service, Social Justice, and Spiritual Traditions.

  1. You participated in Regatta (Andrea Wolf ’06), and you remember Backyard Bash and Mr. Marian. (Grant Monroe ’97).

Regatta, Backyard Bash, and Mr. Marian were some of Marian’s annual events. Today, Marian offers a variety of events for students, faculty, staff, and the community, including Celebrate Marian and  Homecoming!

  1. You’ve seen the ghost in Naber Hall.

Legend has it that Marian is haunted, specifically the third floor of Naber Hall. Although we have little evidence to support this, alumni near and far have spoken of Naber Hall’s ghost. (After all, isn’t it a requirement of all colleges and universities to have an old, haunted building?)

  1. You know what the “Sadoff” stands for. (Marcus Wiegert ’08)

The gymnasium and science building on-campus are both named after the Sadoff family. However, the term “Sadoff” is used regularly with student-athletes in reference to our gymnasium.

  1. You have gone mattress sliding.

What else are students to do in the dead of winter? Students past and present have gone sliding down the Townhouse and Courtyard stairs with their mattresses. Disclaimer: Students who mattress slide do so at their own risk – and isn’t recommended by the Office of Residence Life.

  1. You either participated in or attended Sabre Show – or any one of the music department’s ensembles! (Kim Schuenemann ’12)

Marian’s music department offers numerous opportunities for majors and non-majors to participate, whether you’re interested in earning credit or just being involved on campus.

  1. You know Marian’s official colors are liberty blue and white

Indeed, Marian’s official colors are liberty blue and white, and for Sabres, our blood runs blue. Let’s go Sabres!

  1. You liked your undergraduate studies so much, you came back for your masters! (Tracy Qualmann, ’00/’02/’12)

Marian offers over 40 undergraduate majors, as well as a variety of graduate opportunities. Many Sabres return to complete graduate work right after completing their bachelor’s degree or after a short time away.

  1. You’re passionate about education and advocacy in social justice issues and have found really cool people to be on that journey with you. (Tracy Abler ’09)

The Marian experience is all about the people. Whether it’s one of your professors, a roommate, or someone walking down the sidewalk, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find the welcoming feeling and the core values living through every exchange at Marian!