Inspired to help and educate, Marian University’s Thanatology department will host The Edwin S. Shneidman Lecture Series each year to offer workshops and education about grief, bereavement, loss, death, and suicidology.

About the Edwin S. Shneidman Program in Thanatology

An American suicidologist and thanatologist, Dr. Shneidman dedicated his life to researching suicide, developing a crisis center and treatments to prevent death. In 1968, Shneidman founded the American Association of Suicidology and the journal Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior. In 1970, he became a Professor of Thanatology at the University of California. He has published 20 books on suicide and its prevention.

In 2005, Marian University founded the Edwin S. Shneidman Program in Thanatology. Today, this program is available as a graduate certificate or a full master’s degree, both offered entirely online. Led by Dr. Janet McCord, this program garners students from around the globe and has highly credentialed faculty who teach, as well as continue to work and do research in their respective fields.

Information on the 2018 lecture series coming soon.

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