15th – Food for thought: Safety, Science, and Sovereignty (2018)

14th – Two Faces of Technology (2017)

13th – Clash of Extremes: Is Our World Big Enough for All of Us? (2016)

12th – The Pursuit of Happiness: Is it possible in our violent world? (2015)

11th – What is the next “American Dream?” (2014)

10th – Freedom of Speech vs. Civility: Where does the one end and the other begin? (2013)

9th – Is a University Really Necessary? Does it Need to Change? (2012)

8th – 21st Century HealthCare: Facts, Myths, Implications and Ethics (2011)

7th – Global Warming: The Facts and the Future (2008)

6th – Gender and Education: Honoring Differences, Exploring Equity (2007)

5th – Catholic Identity in an Increasingly Divided World (2006)

4th – Homeland Security and the Bill of Rights (2005)

3rd – Crisis in American Health Care: The Business, Legal, Medical, Political, Ethical, Social Matrix (2004)

2nd – In the Name of God: Religion and Violence (2003)

1st – Stem Cell Research: Ethical Implications of the New Biology (2002)