Memorial Day SammyIf I never have to eat another hot dog again, it might just be too soon… Weaver and I thought it would be a great idea to eat as many hot dogs as we could before Memorial Day Weekend was over. I had about 26 hot-dogs on Friday, 20 on Saturday, 14 on Sunday and 10 on Monday, with a grand total of 60 hot-dogs consumed by yours truly! Impressed? I was. I had eaten more dogs than Weaver by a landslide (Weaves only ate 32). The messed-up thing is, Weaver insists he won. He thinks just because he didn’t watch me eat all 60 hot-dogs, that I’m lying… So, if you hear Weaver boasting about his “victory” just know it’s a SHAM.

Any-ways sorry for all the venting, I just needed to get it off my chest… I wonder if Weaver is reading this… yikes, I’ll probably get an angry text from him later for exposing him…Whatever, Sorry, not sorry. Love you Weaves <3.

Apart from THAT my Memorial Day Weekend was so much fun! I got to go out on Weaver’s boat, and we sailed all over Lake Winnebago! I lathered myself in SPF 50 and let the wind brush through my mane and the sun kiss my cheeks, I felt free. And then it hit me, a feeling of not only freedom out here in the open abyss, but a feeling of gratitude to our country and to those who serve or have served. They have not only granted both Weaver and I the luxury of feeling free out here in the open waters but have given our entire country that same freedom. It’s truly amazing to know, I Sammy the Sabre am privileged to live in the land of the free.

Thank you to all who have served!