2019 Academic Symposium

Ridenour 104

The Power of Mindful Narrative (Part 1—Chamberlain at Gettysburg) examines the narrative between Union Army Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (Commander of the 20th Maine Infantry Regiment) and a group of soldiers from the disbanded 2nd Maine Infantry Regiment who, based on a misunderstanding,  had been labelled mutineers. As a result of his humane regard for the mistreated group, he restored them to carry on, once again and in extraordinary ways, with value, honor and purpose.  A follow-up discussion surrounding the role that understanding people has in the restoration and transformation of those we encounter will be facilitated. As an aid to recognizing our common values, the Five Universal Truths, as developed by Dr. George Thompson, Ph.D. will be showcased.

Dr. Ron Connolly 


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