2019 Academic Symposium

Stayer 208

While normative ethical theory has been the primary way that ethicists have engaged in the critical scrutiny of the biomedical project, recent years have seen philosophers, physicians, nurses, and ill people develop an alternative to this often-abstract approach. Focusing on the experience of illness, the social dimensions of illness, narrative ethics, and the cultivation of empathy in the clinical encounter, these perspectives open up the human side of medicine and offer moments where a genuine encounter can occur. In this presentation, students will consider how we how the self is constructed through the narration of their experience of illness through and against institutions of biomedicine.

Dr. David Leichter, Kenji Callahan, McKenna Jensen, Morgan Kies, LeeAnna Radick, McKenna Vande Hey, Danielle Veeser, Caitlyn Verduzco, Hannah Walther, and Wade Weber


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