2019 Academic Symposium

Ridenour 115

During this panel, we will discuss a student-led project with CSA. Students will share their perspectives of how a semester-long project and interaction with the sisters shaped a new narrative in their mind. Some of the sisters will also share the importance of telling their narrative.

Students are learning the power of visuals, music, sounds, text and how one must carefully create a narrative that not only captures the audience’s attention, but also evokes some type of emotion/s and leaves the audience thinking, acting, or feeling a certain way after. This panel will reveal the power of narratives exploring the importance of CSA to Marian, and the impact the Sisters have and will continue to have on campus.

Dr. Patricia Hernandez with Allison Grosenick, Alyssa Fredock, Hannah Buntrock, Miranda Ramge, Caroline Nelson, Brenda Ordoñez,Valeria Orozco


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