When I started blogging here at Marian, I realized that I never took a moment to introduce myself.

So, hi. I’m Sammy the Sabre. And I’m kinda awesome.

Marian has always been home to the Sabres, but before I was hired as the mascot, I was represented as a mere, two dimensional logo (see below). And trust me, the logo doesn’t do the mascot job justice!

My friends in the Spirit Club here at Marian thought that Sammy the Sabre needed to liven up the place – and so I have made it my personal mission to do so.

I’ve been around since 2007 – and for all of you who may not appreciate math like I do, that means I’m a 10 year old college student… (yeah, I’m pretty stellar!). Since Marian was founded as a women’s college, I was brought in to bring a little female empowerment to campus! Marian has always been my home, and I love attending any type of event on campus, whether it’s a basketball game, a concert, or even some of our new Sabre Hour events.

My favorite event, without question, has to be new student registration days. It’s so cool to meet all of the new students who are looking to come to Marian…it takes me back to when I first stepped on campus! However, as you may know, my looks have changed a bit since then. I’ve lost the brown/tan highlights that were SOOO  the early 2000s, and went with a sleeker, black hairdo – not only is it a classic look, but it’s so much more slimming when all the new students come to me for a photo opp. I’m quite the fashionista now.

In my spare time, I really enjoy getting out into the community. I travel when I can, and take part in as many community events as I can. I mean, we live  in Fond du Lac, where we can do a lot of cool stuff. Just the other day I was out on the ice playing hockey, snowmobiling on a vintage sled, and rocking out to a local band!

All in all, I really enjoy being the ambassador of campus. It takes a special person to inspire and motivate others! So whether you need some Sabre spirit to get you pumped for your next big game, need a high five or a fist bump after your next exam, or just need someone to talk to (I’m a great listener…), I’m here for you.

Let’s go #SabreNation!

P.S. Hey – you can also tell the kiddos to join my Kids Club! The Kids club is available to children under the age of 14! Members receive a free t-shirt, free admission to all home athletic events, and you may even be able to join me at games and activities at select games. Give a shout out to my pal, Sarah Angelos, coordinator of external affairs (and my bestie), at seangelos91@marianuniversiyt.edu or at 920.923.8639.

P.S.S. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you…feel free to reach out! I love hearing from you! Connect with me today – I’m on Facebook!