students Jenna and Nicole WojahnJenna and Nicole Wojahn: sisters, classmates, teammates

Nicole is a double major in nursing and Spanish.
Jenna is a nursing major with a Spanish minor.

“We grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In our youth, we really enjoyed playing soccer. We played in leagues in Oshkosh, Milwaukee, and Appleton. We play now, here at Marian. We play defense (Jenna) and mid-field center (Nicole).

The smaller class sizes make it easier to learn. We came to Marian for the nursing program. We always heard Marian’s nursing was a good program. It’s really hands-on. At Marian, all students can get personal with their learning because everyone is so approachable and interested in our well-being. We never wanted to be nurses….we both wanted to be other professions. We both came to Marian with other educational goals, but switched to nursing….and we like it!

Coach Jill (women’s head soccer coach) was a big influence…she really sparked our interest in Marian.

We’ve had the opportunity to travel with Marian too. We went with the soccer team to Spain. We played a few games; it was a team-building trip and an intercultural experience. We also went on the Niagara medical trip….it was life changing!  They work 10x as hard as we do, but don’t have anything like we do. In the poor parts, the kids were simply thankful. It was an eye-opening experience. We got to use what we’ve learned at Marian, and we were able to practice our Spanish. We worked in the clinics, gave injections, got to put together prescriptions, and even played soccer with the kids. We truly believe we wouldn’t have had these opportunities at a bigger school.

Our advice to other students – go to the events. Keep your mind open to new people and things. Take advantage of things on campus, as well as things outside….even outside the country.”

Editors comment: Nicole is a commuter student and recently “retired” soccer player (she used all her eligiblilty). She started at UWO, then transferred to Marian. Will graduate in May 2018. Jenna will graduate in May 2019. When not studying or playing soccer, she likes to hang out with friends and attend sporting events.