No matter the immense amount of excitement you may feel about college and the first few weeks here at Marian, even the most independent students can find themselves feeling homesick. And rightfully so.

After all, you’ve moved away from home, adjusted to a new roommate or housemates, taken on a new college workload, and finally situated into a new lifestyle. So, what’s stopping you from crawling into your bed with a tub of ice cream? Nothing. (But let’s try to avoid that.) Here’s a few things to help you through:

  1. Feeling homesick is completely normal. Anyone who has ever started something new – whether that’s college, moving to a new city, joining the military, etc. – has felt homesick. Walk down any hallway here at Marian and we’re sure you will find someone who feels the same way. Feeling homesick is part of learning who you are and living this new life.
  2. Get used to your new home (aka make it feel like home). Homesickness is about feeling uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. Get to know your surroundings and make your space feel like home. Bring a few mementos from home. Scope out your favorite study spaces and get to know on-campus dining options. Make Marian your home.
  3. Engage in the community. Get out there. Sometimes you long for home because you knew where your fit in your family, in your community, or in your friend groups. Get out and about on campus through attending activities, joining professional or special interest clubs and organizations, or meeting your dorm mates. Embrace the discomfort of not knowing everything and everyone and get out there.
  4. Stay connected – but not too connected – to home. It’s alright to call mom and dad, or send a few texts. Talk with your friends and family often, especially during the first few weeks. However, make sure to start weaning yourself off from daily contact to help settle in.
  5. Talk to someone. At Marian, you have a variety of people and resources at the ready. Make sure to talk to someone about your feelings of homesickness, especially if your bouts of homesickness feel more overwhelming every day. We’re here for you.
  6. Stay positive. Homesickness doesn’t last forever. It’s uncomfortable, but you’ll be fine with time.

So, my Sabre friends, hang in there. We’re in this together and we got this!