Nick Garcia is a marketing major and a member of Marian’s inaugural lacrosse team, playing defense.

“I’ve lived a lot of place, but grew up in Tacoma, Washington. I was there through 8th grade. After that, I moved to Montana for high school. In high school, I played hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. Outside of sports, really enjoyed socializing with others.

In my house, there was balance. School came first, but there was always a sport in-season. My high school was small; my graduating class was only 7… I literally knew everyone in high school! Because high school was small, it was a lot like Marian.

Because of previous experiences, Marian was a good fit for me. Lacrosse was a big factor, I probably wouldn’t have heard of Marian otherwise. I liked the small class sizes, community; Fond du Lac is a lot like home. Coach Reed was a big factor, he’s a good guy, sold me on the school. He took his time with me, checked in to see how I was doing. He really went the extra mile.

Making friends at Marian is easy. It is hard to hide here. I like the small size. I know a lot of people already. I went to the Student Involvement Fair right after school started. I signed up for the smiles and happiness club and I intend on joining Toastmasters. It’s really easy to get involved at Marian. 99.9% of people at Marian are friendly…I tell friends all the time “get out and meet people”.  It is my goal to say hi to five new people every day.

My advice to high school students is make sure it’s something you want to do. College isn’t for everyone. If it is for you, take advantage of all the college has to offer. Explore, try new things. You might like something.”