With the busyness of the semester, there’s little room in the students’ schedule, especially when considering class, work, study, and co-curricular requirements. That’s why Marian University created Sabre Hour, a time to allow students, faculty, and staff from academic and administrative duties to live out Marian’s Core Values.

“Several years ago, the University had a break in the schedule that was used for contemplative work,” said Moreen Carvan, director of Institutional Effectiveness. “And the new Sabre Hour returns to that. The Sabre Hour allows the Marian University community the opportunity to take some time each week to connect with others and build a more vibrant, spiritual, and values-centered community”

Throughout the 2016-17 academic year, more than 200 Sabre Hour events were held, ranging from mass and communal prayer services, career development workshops, social justice events, and stress-relieving sessions during midterms and finals week.

Watch the announcements on MyMarian, as well as flyers around campus, for upcoming Sabre Hour activities.