Emma CournoyerWith hands that wield great artistic ability, a heart that yearns to help others, and a curiosity for how the mind works, sophomore Emma Cournoyer hopes to take these intrinsic qualities and turn them into a career in expressive and therapeutic arts. But achieving her goal will be no easy feat. Balancing work, a social life, and excelling in her academics in order to attend graduate school, the honors student has her work cut out for her. Thankfully Emma has grown up seeing her biggest inspiration – her mom – go through similar challenges, conquering them all in the process. Her mom raised a pair of daughters while earning a bachelors and master’s degree, and Emma has always admired her saying “Hard work and dedication pay off … what is wanted badly enough is worth the effort and persistence.” As Emma looks to conquer her fall semester, she’ll be doing it all from Italy, where she’ll be studying abroad and remembering the Paulo Coelho quote “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” As a kind, intelligent, creative, and hardworking women with a deep appreciation for Vincent van Gogh and his painting “Starry Night,” Emma is reaching for the stars and we’re excited to see her reach them.