Sammy saying goodbyeSee you later Sabres! On Friday I’ll be deactivating my Sammy’s Facebook account – but for good reason! As you know, Marian offers students lots of internship opportunities, AND I FINALLY GOT ONE! Without thumbs I’ve somehow managed to post enough of these blogs for the Office of Marketing and Communications to take notice, and they like what they see! I’ll be helping them highlight our student achievements on the OFFICIAL Marian Facebook page, along with Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. I am so excited, but there’s a downside – I’m not going to have any time to devote to this personal account. But part of the journey is the end, and I am ready for my new beginning in the OMC, which will still allow you to see me around campus – only now I’ll be prowling around hunting down student success stories instead of fish! Thanks Sabres, it’s been real, and if you haven’t already be sure to like Marian’s official Facebook page so you can see all of the amazing stuff I’m about to share there!