Cade KlusendorfAs a tour guide on campus he’ll show you around, and as a captain of the men’s soccer team he’ll show you the ropes, but Cade Klusendorf – or Captain Klusendorf to his teammates – doesn’t just limit his guidance to our campus. The junior elementary-middle education and special education double major has a burning passion for teaching and helping others, and one thing he loves to do is lead by example – for example, when he was a freshman and scored the game-winning goal against Edgewood to send the Sabres to the playoffs for the first time in seven years. With the fall sport season right around the corner, he’s ready to get back to “leading the young guys and teaching them a few things about the game…” Coach Peltonen’s killer pre-season drills, on the other hand, he may not be ready for. Running alongside his brother and teammate Kyle may help soften those blows, but he also takes comfort in knowing an episode of the Chef Gordon Ramsay show “Hell’s Kitchen” will be waiting for him when he gets home. Likewise, we’’ll be watching and waiting for Cade Klusendorf to lead others and transform the world.