Move inWell, it is almost that time again….time to drop your child (or children) off at college. This can be a time of great excitement for both the student and the parents. It can also be a time where mom and/or dad begin to have feelings of ‘am I doing the right thing?’ and really questioning if now is the right time to let ‘the little bird spread their wings’.

Mom, dad (aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa….) you have done a great job. You have raised your human to be smart, thoughtful, and responsible. Although this can be a hard transition (usually harder on the parents), this is also a time of new experiences, opportunities, and friendships. You child will always need you.

I found an article entitled The 40 Thoughts All Moms Have At College Drop Off ( by Melissa Fenton, a freelance writer and adjunct librarian at Pasco-Hernando State College. She really kind of nailed this one. Having seen so many moms drop off their child on move-in day, I have see the looks, the tears, and the struggles. This list takes us through all the emotions of We made it! to So we just drive away now and leave him here? Yep. And that’s a good thing. I did it.

Hopefully you’ll find the sentiment and humor in this article. Also, please know all of us in the Sabre Nation will watch over your child. Once a Sabre, always a Sabre.