Cathy Mathweg is the Dean of Academic Advising and Academic Services and Associate Vice President for Mission.

“I’m originally from Chicago. I grew up near Wrigley Field, but I have lived in Fond du Lac for 30 years. I’m married to Tim (29 years). We have two sons, Joe and Michael.  Joe recently married Nikki and he works in the gas utility industry.  After graduating from Marian with a degree in Accounting and Finance, Michael married Brianna last year.  He worked in banking for a couple of years and recently began Mathweg Financial & Insurance Services.

I began my career at Marian in November of 1990. My role has always been in academic advising, and over the years, academic services was included.  I have “filled in” for international students, veteran students, adult students, high school programs, disability services, the tutor program, and others. Currently, I serve as the Dean of Academic Advising and Academic Services, as I have for my entire career.  In December of 2016, President Manion asked me to serve as the Associate Vice President for Mission, and I continue in that role.

What do I like about Marian? First, I am dedicated to the university mission, which embraces the charism of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, Marian’s sponsors. I am also committed to the university’s core values, and like other members of the university community, I embrace learning and service to others, especially students.

My advice, whether you are a student in a traditional, adult, or graduate program, is embrace the experience and become engaged in your learning, in and out of the classroom, while creating relationships within the university community.”