4th of July CakeLast week my patriotism was at an all-time high! It all began Monday as I laughed with the Marian students, faculty, and staff as they answered questions pertaining to the U.S. Full disclosure, I didn’t know the answers either, but retaining knowledge can be tough when you have a smaller brain and no fingers to turn book pages or type on Google. My lack of fingers didn’t prevent me from voting in Marian’s Twitter polls though, and it was great to be reminded of all the exciting things that come with celebrating the Fourth of July. And as if one fireworks display wasn’t enough, I got to enjoy a second at the Friday night Dock Spiders game – it was the first time EVER they had launched fireworks! It was a great way to cap off the week and celebration, but before we close the book on the excitement I have to say – HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!