Leslie Jaber-Wilson is the Director of Marian University’s Social Work Program and an Associate Professor, teaching Intro to Social Work as well as a few senior social work courses. Professor Jaber-Wilson is also the Field Director, tasked with placing seniors in their field internships during their final year of study.

“I grew up in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I went to Marian University when it was Marian College, played for the Women’s Volleyball team, and graduated in 1991 with my bachelor’s degree in social work. I lived in the state of Washington for 13 years, then Colorado for 3, and finally came back to my hometown. I had children and I wanted them to grow up around my family. My husband and I are foster parents and own a foster care agency. We think we are now at about 60-70 children that have come through our home. It’s a good experience. I wouldn’t do anything different. We also have two sons who are ten and twelve years old.

Intro to Social Work is one of my favorite classes to teach because it’s made up of incoming students mostly. And then I teach senior courses as well so I have students when they come in and when they leave. My favorite part of working at Marian University is getting to meet the students. I love getting to know them and then helping them by connecting them to the profession that they’re most interested in. That’s the best. And then I have them as colleagues in the field which is awesome. What’s really cool about Marian is that you have that personal relationship with members of this community and you’re connected for a lifetime. When I was a student at Marian University, there were 5 of us in the social work program. Now, as a professor, we have close to 100 students in the program. I’ve seen a lot of growth in my time here.

Get involved as much as you can. Volunteer. Do things on campus. Hang out with your professors and get connected with people. That’s my best advice to students.”