Marcus Wiegert is the Senior Athletic Recruiting Liaison, Head Women’s Tennis Coach, and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Marian University. Marcus, a first-generation college student, graduated from Marian University with a sport and rec major as well as an information technology minor.

“My favorite thing about Marian is the opportunity to coach and help educate young adults. I also love the relationships I’ve developed in all of my different roles. I even met my wife at Marian! The coolest thing is now working with people that were at one point teaching and educating me. They still are, but now I work side by side with them.

If I could describe myself in one word, it would be ‘hungry’. In many different ways; for food and for work. I grew up in Deerbrook, WI. I enjoy music, family, spending time with my niece, and any type of sporting event, especially the ones that I don’t coach. I enjoy golf even though I’m absolutely terrible. In high school, I played football, basketball, and ran track and field. Football is my most favorite. But I was better at basketball so that’s the route that I went. That turned into playing college basketball. Coming near graduation I wanted to get into college basketball coaching to get my foot in the door.

I always tell people growing up I always knew, since first or second grade, I wanted to work in sports. So I’m living the dream. Working at my alma mater and coaching students that are athletes but also regular everyday students is a dream.

My advice to students would be to get involved as much as possible with as many different things. Stay connected and try to stay involved with the Marian community. Help out and give back.”