Student Adellie RequenaBelizean beauty, Adellie Requena is busy packing to spend her first semester of sophomore year studying abroad in Florence, Italy. But, before she leaves this psychology major has some last minute errands to run – literally. Cross country & track and field athlete, Addy is running 3+ miles every day to come back physically prepared to crush Coach Scott’s intense workouts, “when Coach Scott sends me on a 12-mile run it’s up to me to keep those legs moving! You never know where he’ll pop up.” Surprise visits from her Coach isn’t the only force driving Addy to keep going, but by being the first in her family to graduate high school and attend college, Addy is determined to set a strong pace for future generations of Requena’s to follow. Racing towards becoming a Children’s Therapist to positively change the lives of others Addy is working hard to balance school, work, and sports to finish in record time.  Living by the quote “It’s not how you start the race, but how you finish it” we have no doubt Addy will finish hers as she started, with momentum and excellence.