Sammy bikingYou know those people that go to the gym and send mass snapchats or post on their story a picture of them working out captioned “back to the grind”?

Well today on Monday the 3rd, in the year 2019, I have come to the realization I am one of those people… My Monday morning started out great. I woke up, stretched my hind legs and decided to hit the gym. Now, my preferred gym to get SWOL, the Sadoff Gymnasium, is currently under reconstruction, so for today I went to the YMCA. I don’t know if you guys know how far the YMCA is from Marian University, but its 1.53 miles. I also am not sure if you guys are aware Sabretooth’s can’t legally drive in the United States yet, so I was left with one option. Yes, that’s right I took a fast paced 1.53 mile walk to the YMCA. Impressed? Probably.

Anyways, once I got there, I realized it’s World Bike Day today! So, I took that as a sign to hop on the bike and do a quick HIIT workout. I pedaled as fast as my paws would go for 30 seconds then rested for 20 seconds. I did this for 10 minutes and let me tell you I was DRIPPING. That’s when it happened. Unconsciously, I took out my phone, went to snapchat, took a selfie of myself dripping sweat and captioned it “back to the grind”. I then sent it to Weaver, my mom and about 10 other Sabres that I have a streak with… After I realized what I had done, who I had become… a gym cat that’s BACK TO THE GRIND.