Christina Kubasta is an Associate Professor of English at Marian University. She also serves as the Co-Director of the Honors Program as well as one of the Faculty Advisors of SPECTRUM.

“I grew up in Wautoma, WI. I like to read books, garden, and walk my dog. My favorite place to read is in a hammock in the summer. I have a 173 pound St. Bernard-Mastiff mix named Ursula, who needs to lose some weight. That was the name she came with from the shelter. I’m also a poet. I have a couple books of poetry out and a new poetry book as well as a novella coming out this year. I have written since my 6th-grade teacher made us write a poem for an assignment and she sent mine off to Read Magazine. That was my first published piece of work.

I did a two-week writing fellowship in St. Petersburg, Russia after grad school. Getting to travel and work on something I really cared about was a wonderful experience. All I learned how to say in Russian was juice, sausage, restaurant, and bathroom – all of the things I wanted.

One word to describe myself would be quirk-tacular.

I like teaching and I really like working with students to provide opportunities for their classes to interact with their lives. I enjoy inviting visiting writers to meet with students, working on the spring play, and planning events with SPECTRUM.

I taught at Notre Dame when I was in grad school and a little in the UW colleges for a couple of years before coming to Marian full-time. At Marian, we have the opportunity to really get to know our students and work closely with them.

My advice to students would be to meet with your professors. If you have a question on a paper or you’re having a rough week, meet with your professors. We are people and we are interested in helping you develop fully as a student and a person. We would like to get to know you.”