Student Sean DennyHow you doin’? Because senior Sean Denny is doin’ fine, though admittedly he would be doing better if he were playing you in the PlayStation game “The Show” – feel free to add him @baseballdenny6. The psychology major dominates that game, much like he did baseball in real life before he was a freshman and dislocated his shoulder for the seventh time. The one plus side to hanging up your cleats and mitt, though, is that it gives you more time to spend watching FRIENDS. And because he has watched so much of it, it’s translated to him being a great real life friend – the behavioral treatment technician works one-on-one with autistic children to provide play therapy in the hopes of one day becoming a senior therapist. Could he BE anymore awesome? Sean’s early fascination with the way people think, his desire to help others, and his love for kids have all intertwined to create a compassionate, selfless person with an amazing work ethic – characteristics that emulate his biggest inspiration, his mom. Looking to make a new FRIEND? Then find this one walking around in FRIENDS shoes and a FRIENDS t-shirt and with his “chin up and shoulders back” – as his Nana used to say.