Severa Krueger is celebrating her 5th year as the Director of Residence Life at Marian University, supervising Marian’s Residence Hall Directors and Resident Assistants (RAs).

“I grew up in Campbellsport, Wisconsin on a farm with three sisters and a brother. I enjoy running, shopping, and eating. I also like to be with my nieces and nephews. I’m the “fun aunt”. Before I came here, I was in Minnesota and worked in Residence Life at a couple of other schools for about 10 years.

My favorite thing about Marian is the students. I am here for the students. That is my job. I really enjoy getting to know them and helping them get through their struggles and to learn from their experiences. Due to students’ potential first interaction with me, for conduct reasons, people are scared of me! But once you get to know me, I’m really not scary. I also teach General Education courses and those students who know me as a professor know that they can trust me, I will always help them, and I always give out candy. If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be ‘sassy’.

We are student focused at Marian and we make college an individual experience for every student. Our students are engaged. The students utilize the lounges in the residence halls so much. They’re out there and building community and engaging in that community constantly. When a student comes into my office, I really like to learn more about them and what they need from me. I like to be genuine. Marian University is a genuine place and people can see that when they are here.

My advice to students is to really make sure you do build those relationships with faculty, staff, and your fellow classmates because having those communication skills will be a lifelong benefit and will get you far in life.”