Sammy holding a fishSurprise! I went home for Father’s Day! It was as much a shock to him as it was for others – apparently a fair amount of the student body was caught off guard to learn about the existence of my dad. Of course I have a dad – and a litter of siblings to fight for his affection! It had been a while since I last went home, as hard as it is to be away from Dad, it’s equally as tough to be away from the Marian campus! We caught some fish, grilled some fish, and then watched a fish movie – Finding Nemo! As great as it was to be home, it’s always bittersweet once Monday arrives – back in Fond du Lac and wishing I could have spent just one more sunny, fish-filled day with my Dad. But seeing him yesterday was worth it, and I truly hope my fellow Sabres found enjoyment on Father’s Day.