Student Emma LewandowskiDriving a black KIA named J-Law while blaring One Direction or the best song ever? That’s the story of Emma Lewandowski’s life, as the junior women’s tennis team captain is always on the move and looking to hit up the courts or stop by the nearest CrossFit gym so that she can work on the little things to repeat as an all-conference athlete. When not living like she’s young Emma enjoys tutoring in Marian’s writing center and learning from her internship with the Thelma Center, which is a perfect fit for the communications major. She has a knack for appreciating art as well as creating it, and she hopes her creative eye, work ethic, and way with words will help her become a marketer, social media analyst, or a radio personality. Emma loves new adventures and tries her best to adhere to the Kurt Vonnegut quote “So it goes.” If you ask us, that’s what makes her beautiful.