Coming to college means more independence – especially when it comes to meal planning and finances. That’s where Sodexo comes in.

“When students think of Sodexo, oftentimes it’s only to get to know us for our dining options – and only during the academic year. However, our Sodexo team offers many opportunities for students during the summer. Jobs are one,” said Jack Talbot, unit marketing coordinator at Sodexo. “Students are often seeking employment this time of the year.  Students who live on or near campus have a wonderful opportunity. The coffeehouse is open during the weekdays from 9am-2pm and is both student and Sodexo staffed.  It is a great opportunity for students to learn how to run a business during a summer-time pace.”

“Students are also employed by facilities to join their painting and grounds setup crews.  Our catering team also looks for students to help with the many events that are on campus. Students who work on campus benefit Marian University in a very real way.”

In addition to employment, students enjoy all the activities on campus: camps, conferences, and new student orientations. The campus is busy, but in a different way than during the school year.  Students who work with us get free meals during their shifts and the opportunity to share their insights with our team as we plan for a new year.

Written by guest blogger: Jack Talbot, unit marketing coordinator at Sodexo