Karissa Preston is a second year nursing major at Marian University pursuing a minor in Spanish.

She is a representative of MUSNA, on the soccer team, and in the honors program.

I’m from St. Peter which is 15 minutes from Marian University. New Holstein is where I went to high school. I really enjoy cooking when I find the time, I really like sports, and just socializing.

My dream job is to be a nurse at UW-health in Madison. I love that there are a lot of opportunities and things to do which is way different from where I grew up. I don’t know what kind of nursing I want to do yet. I work in the ER right now and I love it but there are so many more opportunities out there.

My grandma, as well as three of my aunts, are nurses and two of my aunts went to Marian University. They really enjoyed it. They instilled in me a passion for the nursing career and I just love helping people and love the idea of being able to make a difference by helping people through some of their worst times.

I chose Marian because it was so comfortable. Part of it was so I could do nursing and soccer. I’m able to be involved in multiple ways and I love the small class sizes and the comfort in knowing so many people.

I just began the nursing program this semester and I realized that it’s what I want to do. I was able to have that realization and with Marian being so close and connected to a hospital I was able to get a job at the hospital which has been awesome because I can apply what I’ve been learning.

I like living on campus a lot because I’m able to be with a group of friends and be so close to everyone. You never have to go to dinner alone. I live in Courtyards and my favorite thing about Courtyards is that I can cook, I love being able to cook. I love going to athletic events and being able to enjoy that and then hang out with friends afterward.