Chavanya NelsonChavanya Nelson, a junior from Palatine, IL, is majoring in psychology. She considers herself a bubbly person that looks to spread positivity by smiling at everyone she sees. Ever since she was in elementary school, she knew she wanted to help people, which she plans to accomplish by becoming a therapist and opening her own practice with her sister. She is especially interested in working with children by providing them with the opportunity to talk to someone when they don’t have anyone else to talk to. Chavanya currently helps third graders by tutoring through the American Reads Program. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, doing homework, and drawing.

On campus, Chavanya works for the Financial Aid Office and is a member of the Black Student Union. She chose Marian upon learning about the university at a high school job fair and later toured the campus, which continued to foster her love for the school. Her advice to other students is “Life is going to throw obstacles at you, but you have to keep moving forward. It may get rough, but with a positive attitude, you can do it. Be strong, be brave, and be smart about everything you do.”