Tori Starcheske just completed her first year at Marian University studying Radiologic Technology.

“I’m from New London, WI. I have a family of 6. There are 4 kids and I’m the second oldest. I have been playing softball since I was in second grade. Softball has been a big part of my life and I wanted to play for Marian but I wanted to focus on school first. I didn’t quite know how to do this whole college thing yet.

Before I came here, I was so scared to come to college. Once I started meeting people here and got to my classes I realized the professors were really nice and really cared about their students personally. When I toured Marian I liked that it was smaller. I felt really welcomed. Everybody smiled and said ‘hi’. The staff was really welcoming and really nice and I do know some other people who have come here from New London too. I knew Marian had an excellent Radiologic Technology program so that made up my mind. I live in Naber on campus this year, and next year I’ll be a Resident Assistant in Townhouses. I’m excited for the air conditioning! I love living on campus. I’m happy I made the choice to live in Naber because you get to know everybody really well.

After I graduate, my plan is to work in a hospital as a Radiologic Technologist. I have thought about going back to be a Radiologist which would require me to get my doctorate. I want to work in either St. Elizabeth’s in Appleton or Froedtert in Milwaukee.”