There’s a lot of unknowns in the days and weeks following those precious few steps across the stage. You’ve shook hands, given a few hugs, and reminisced about the long hours and laughter over the past four years (or so). Over the next few weeks, the celebration and merriment will slow, and the “real world” will take over. You’re on your own now, and the idea of the future may be a bit scary at first.

However, here at Marian, we’re confident in you and know you’re prepared to inspire greatness. To help you jump start the process, here are a few tips:

  1. Take a few moments to breath. After all, you did just graduate. Take a few moments to celebrate your achievements and reflect on the past few years.
  2. Set a goal. Whether that’s the number of resumes you’re looking to send, graduate schools to apply, or non-profits to volunteer for, set goals for yourself and keep yourself in tune to these goals.
  3. Edit (or create) your resume. Hopefully by now, you’ve at least started your resume. If not, however, make sure to present your greatest skills, hands-on experience, and any work and internship opportunities you’ve had. Also, make sure you’ve had someone else read over resume and application materials – you wouldn’t want to lose your dream job because of a misspelling. For an added bonus, upload your experiences to LinkedIn! LinkedIn is a great tool for the job hunt in today’s marketplace!
  4. Brush up your interviewing skills. Rehearse. And practice more. The wonderful part of the internet is the vast amounts of advice and tips for interviewing, but you’ll find the greatest success from practicing your answers. Even talking over your answers with a friend or family member will help.
  5. Use your resources. When in doubt, ask the experts. Know that we’re always here for you. Make sure to connect with professors, staff, or Marian University’s Career Services office! We’re here to help you achieve your goal.
  6. Stay connected. Our social media outlets offer a variety of connections that could lend its way to new job opportunities. LinkedIn and Facebook offer numerous new postings, and allows you to continue on your career path.