Sara Terrian is a fourth-year student at Marian University double majoring in elementary-middle education and special education while completing a minor in Spanish. She keeps busy as a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), MSEA, working at the early childhood center, and as a member of Marian’s softball team.

“I grew up in Waterford, Wisconsin which is a small town where everyone knows everybody. Kind of like Marian! I have one brother, Tyler, who is my best friend. We’ve always been competitive with each other which is what got us started playing sports. I’ve been playing softball for about 15 years and I’ve been on the team at Marian for 4 years. I will be at Marian an extra semester because I’m going to student teach and I wanted to play softball without that stress my senior year. After that, hopefully I’ll do something in the 3 or 4th grade range or special education.

I came to Marian for the people. I originally came to Marian for softball, but once I came on campus everyone was so welcoming. I immediately was drawn to it. People you didn’t know were saying hello and just asking how you are. I lived on campus for 2 years. I was in Naber Hall my first year and, though it sounded scary with no air conditioning, my roommate and I made it awesome. It was so exciting and there was always something to do with our floor. I met so many people. Even some that I still talk to and are lifelong friends.

My favorite memory at Marian is the snow day last year. My roommate and I were talking about how cool it would be to have a snowball fight. We rounded up all of the teams and met in the Quad. We organized it, it was a good time, and no one was force to be there but chose to be. We really came together. It was fun.”