Demond Mettlach is a junior at Marian University majoring in english and pursuing a minor in psychology. Demond gives his time as a Resident Assistant on campus and is on the track team as well as a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honors Society, and Book Club.

“I’m from Milwaukee, WI but I moved to Watertown just this past summer. I went to an all-boys boarding high school in Mt. Calvery called St. Lawrence Seminary. It was a very good experience and really helped me in my transition to college. Coming here, I wanted to make sure I was involved because that was what I regretted in high school was not being involved. So, I worked, became a Resident Assistant, joined the track team, and stayed busy. I like being busy and it helps me. It challenges me and I have to get my homework done. I’m a big procrastinator.

After college, I want to be a writer. I came across that in the fourth or fifth grade when I really got into reading and writing. High school was where I found my passion for psychology. I want to be a psychiatrist as well because I love helping people and giving advice and seeing it change them.

I’m studying abroad next semester in London. It’s always crossed my mind how they see America over there. I wonder how they see the Boston Tea Party and stuff like that. The accents over there and the architecture just really fascinate me. That’s why I chose London. That’s the birthplace of all major writers.

I chose Marian because it was close to my high school. My senior class was only 33 students. I knew Marian was small, so I felt it would be a good fit and good transition to go to a smaller university. At my high school we had a thing with Marian where our college credits are from Marian so I knew they would transfer and my high school pays half my tuition. When I toured here I got a very good community feel. It’s a nice quaint place. I really like the teachers and how well they work with the students and how they know you and know your name and are super friendly all the time.”